Service Options

Courier /Rider Service

In this option a courier will report to you when called for mail collection and dispatch and we shall bill you as per the collection or dispatches done by the courier /rider for that day. In the event that you will need a courier, you will call our office and a courier will be sent to your office or to your clients as per your instruction(s).

In-House Courier

If you take the option of an in-house courier, the courier will report to your offices every day at 8.30 am to 5 p.m and he will be at your disposal for the whole day to carry out your errands. We shall provide him with a fueled motor bike and he will be under our supervision. In this option we shall charge you a flat rate.

We provide personal errand management services for busy professionals and business people. We aim to provide ultimate convenience to our clients. Our other services are:
  • Collection and dispatching of mail e.g magazines, newspapers, promotional materials, statements, event invitations and any other documents within Nairobi and its environs.
  • Payment of utility bills e.g electricity bills, water bills, telephone, bank your cheques, renew your licenses, rush to the post office etc.
  • delivery of flowers and gifts
  • Shopping & home delivery (or office delivery)
  • banking errands
  • Distribution of airtime
  • Renewal of licenses e.g driving license, trade license e.t.c

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