There are several types of courier service available, so ensure you know which one you need for your delivery.
If you need to transport a particularly fragile, important or valuable item, you may decide to use a dedicated courier service.
This is similar to a same day courier service, but your goods will be transported on a dedicated vehicle containing no other loads. The driver will collect and deliver the goods directly.

Dedicated courier services are completely secure, as your goods are not transferred from one vehicle to another or left unattended in a depot. Some larger courier companies offer online tracking services for you to monitor the delivery. Others send SMS, email or fax updates.

Who uses dedicated couriers?

  • Businesses submitting tenders
  • Hospitals needing specialist equipment
  • Factories trying to prevent downtime of production equipment
  • Businesses sending time-sensitive legal documents
  • Academics sending important research documents
  • Antiques dealers
  • Food companies sending fresh produce

This is a premium delivery service due to the time-sensitive nature of the delivery. The cost depends on the size of the item, the size of the vehicle and the distance traveled.
Transit vans and motorbikes are used for smaller items, whereas a heavy delivery may require a large trailer.

Make sure you measure and weigh your item correctly before getting a quote. If your consignment is bigger or heavier than stated, you may incur an additional charge from the delivery company.
If you want your delivery to be the courier’s only priority, this is the service for you.
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