Start up businesses where money is for young people

Kenya Shilling

Start up businesses where money is for young people

I have unswervingly heard young people lamenting about lack of capital to furnish their business ideas while on the other hand, the government is utterly encouraging them to be self-employed, be entrepreneurs, and be creative.

To a certain point I want to empathize with us young people because “life is hard”nonetheless, if life is hard and we all continue to grumble without any action will it make life any easier?

Who has ever received a memo from any celebrated or anonymous millionaire that life was easy for them? That life did not allow them a chance to complain else they would have done so? I will leave you with that to answer.

On that heavy note, I want us to have a positive discussion and come up with business ideas that won’t require a lot of capital. Just some small savings. Here are some start up businesses where money is for young people looking to make it on their own in the world where there are no keepers for brothers but self struggle.

1. Carpet cleaning business


In this business the main necessities are: soap or whatever it is that you will be using to clean, water, some brushes and of course yourself or the labor.

I know someone will say, nowadays people use the machine and I say start with what you have, as long as you can clean the carpet very well as indispensable your client won’t ask where your machine is, productivity in this case is the most important thing and thereafter you can save to get yourself a machine.

2. Mini-day care center

This business is not for everyone, it’s for the patient, the extremely careful people and very clean because you are handling children, other people’s children.

The question that will probably arise in this case is; where do I get a very nice house where the children can be staying? You do not have to start with a million children start with one, two or three children from people in your estate and your home can be your first center.

3. Mobile phone/Electronics repair business


I have a young cousin around 17 years and whenever my phone gets simple problems I go no further than his place because he can fix this kind of problems and there after I give him a little something for impetus.
Boys love electronics and especially of you have a passion for this kind of things then what you just need is a screw driver and the willingness to learn and for a start you can be getting a little something as you save a certain percentage from every little something you get to further your ambitions in years to come.

4. Printing / photocopy/typing business

By printing business I do not mean that you should get a tender from Safaricom or any other multi million firms. We all recognize what the printing, photocopy and typing business means, basically some of the services that you will get in a cyber though I am avoiding the mention of a cyber in this case because it requires a lot of capital for the computers, internet, and space etc.

In this case you just need a printer and maybe a laptop to handle these services and grow in future.

5. Academic/freelance writing


Who does not know how to read and write? Therefore, freelancing is a good idea because it also
gives you time to do other things like eyeing other businesses.

What you need is internet and a laptop and your brain,

6. Car wash business


Car wash business is one of the easiest businesses to start as long as you are a trustworthy person who can be left with someone’s valuables and take care of them, then the only main tool that you need is your aggressive self.

7. Photography business


With every girl wanting to look good on social media, this should be an opportunity to every
person who wants to be an entrepreneur, Photography business has money, and there’s always
room for everyone.

Besides individual photography there are also event photography categories like weddings, parties, graduations, social events, corporate events and so many others.

What you need is a camera, a studio can always be hired, do not be afraid of taking your clients to someone else’s studio because as long as your work is good a client will always ask for the photographer and not the studio.

With all these said,there is no motive to carry on complaining, look for solutions!

Got any other ideas that you think can make this forum interactive for everyone to learn and grow!


Nancy Amunga

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    I’m good at Massage therapy,how can I have my equipment to start?